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Reeve Hart is a wildlife/activist photographer, concerned with the relationship between humanity and nature, specifically the mistreatment of animals in food production. He uses photography to address the ethical implications of eating meat, in an aim to elicit empathy for non-human animals. 

Influenced by his love of animals which started from a young age, Hart creates often uncomfortable photographs to provoke a reaction, critiquing normalised anthropocentric attitudes that have led to an immoral dominion over the sentient individuals with which we coexist.


In his latest work – 92,000,000,000 - Hart utilises a combination of digital and analogue medium format photography, shot on location and in the studio, to highlight the cruelty of factory farming and the disconnect between the food we eat and its origin; intending to promote an equal and ethical affinity between humans and animals. Hart is inspired by a wide range of contemporary photographers and artists including Alessandra Sanguinetti, Daniel Naudé and Isa Leshko.


MFA Photography, University for the Creative Arts, 2022-2024

BA (Hons) Photography (1st), University for the Creative Arts, 2019-2022

Photography Diploma Level 3 (Distinction), Truro and Penwith College, 2017-2019

Exhibitions and Awards

- 2024 AOP Student Awards Finalist

- WAVES: Art Exhibition, The Holy Art Gallery, London, 2024

- re-GATHERING: UCA Farnham MFA Photography Show 2024, The Lightbox Gallery and Museum, Woking, Surrey, 2024

- Convergence: UCA Farnham MFA Photography Show 2023, The Barn Bistro, Farnham, Surrey, 2023

- Gathering: UCA Farnham MFA Photography Show 2023, The Lightbox Gallery and Museum, Woking, Surrey, 2023

- Creative art degree show 2022, Free Range Shows, Truman Brewery, London, 2022

- In All Weathers Online Exhibition (Instagram) 2021

- Another Place Photography Exhibition, St Ives, Cornwall, 2019



Instagram: @reevehartphotography

LinkedIn: Reeve Hart

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